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Mobile Marketing Campaigns

              Mobile Marketing Campaigns offers SMS Text Message Mobile Marketing Services for businesses of all sizes. We'll show you how to reach thousands of potential customers with the power of a mobile phone text message.

Why Does It Work
3 Billion Mobile Phones Exist Worldwide
92% Of Americans Own Mobile Phones
96% Of Those are capable of receiving SMS Text Messages
97% Of Text Messages Are Opened
83% Are Opened Within An Hour
1.56 Trillion Text Messages Were Sent In America Last Year
52,083 Text Messages Are Sent Every Second
2.5 More Users Than Email

                                           The Numbers Don't Lie, And Neither Do The Results.

Mobile marketing provides businesses with an efficient, fast, and highly cost-effective tool for reaching out their target audience in new ways. It helps companies engage with their customers through direct permission based advertising campaigns and the results are immediate.

The advantages of SMS Text Mobile Marketing are huge. It's cost effective, it's EFFECTIVE, and most importantly, It's Profitable. We have never lived in such a time where your customers are more connected than ever, especially these days with the popularity and usage of Android phones, Smart phones, etc. as well as the rise in Social Media integration applications being used heavily on these types of phones.

Let itxtdeals.Com show you how your business can capitalize on this rapidly growing market. We'll show you how to implement a marketing strategy that is not only highly affordable, but highly effective in branding and growing your business.