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QR Codes

   Custom QR Codes

So What Exactly Are QR Codes?

QR Codes are used everywhere by local businesses, law firms, retailers, manufacturers, and many types of businesses. A QR Code is a code that once scanned by a mobile phone, can take the user of the mobile device to a website, flyer or banner, special coupon, or sales item that is then visible by the mobile phone user and instantly downloaded to the mobile device.

How Can A QR Code Help My Business?


A QR Code can be a tremendous help to your business in several ways. It is a code in which the location, i.e. website can be changed or banner, flyer, special coupon can be changed in seconds. This code will take your customers to any website, special flyer, or banner, PDF, or anything you want the QR Code to take your customers. 

You can use a QR Code for the following:
  1. Take your customers to your website
  2. Let your customers know about a special event 
  3. Promote a product with a QR Code
  4. A QR Code can enable your customers to download a special coupon
  5. A QR Code is interchangeable with whatever you want to promote or market
  6. A QR Code is located both on and offline
  7. Promote a QR Code on Facebook or Twitter

QR Codes:
Put them on your truck,
car, van, flyer, banner, poster,
website, blog,
t-shirts, billboards, and more.